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Better Than Smoothies? Nothing beats a Green Smoothie

You can include almost anything in smoothies. Smoothies? pictureRyan Andries is a dietitian that is registered also wrote A Guide to Plant Based Eating. Smoothies can contain liquids such as water, non-dairy or kefir, fruits, vegetables and seeds. They may also include nuts (or butter), protein powders, maca, matcha and toppings like coconut and granola. Balance is the key to eating a diet that is healthy according to an experienced normal meals chef and registered dietitian. This is a simple way to get the essential nutrients you need, she says.

You can get protein from plain yogurt or unsweetened nut butter. Also, smoothies contain fat which can help you feel complete. A smoothie also can contain flaxseed oil and sweetened nut butter. Coconut meat, full-fat yogurt that is organic coconut milk, coconut yogurt, or coconut meat are good sources of fat. For a boost that is healthy add maca powder, lucuma and cacao to your smoothies. Green sampleAlso, consider herbs that are adding as cilantro, parsley or nutmeg along with spices like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg or turmeric. Accept diversity. Mix the ingredients. She explains that dietary diversification often helps to maintain nutritional balance.

After blueberries, kefir and kale, attempt spinach and hemp milk. It's tempting to create green and good fresh fruit smoothies, which are particularly healthy. Remember that you will be adding calories and confusing your flavor which can make the smoothie seem unappetizing. A brownish hue is created when you mix too many ingredients. Also, you shouldn't expect to shed weight by adding spinach and kale to your diet.